July heat wave – Caution!

Wednesday July 27th update:

UV values are extremely high today, between 8-11 have been detected. Remember to wear SPF 30 or higher on exposed skin if going outdoors and in to the sun for periods of 15 minutes or greater.

Here is a breakdown of the UV index and associated values.


High Temperatures over the next 5-7 (and well into coming week) days are forecasted well into the 90’s, with heat indices over 100+ at times. So remember to take it easy during the hottest times of the day; keep cool and drink plenty of water. Deaths related to heat are far greater than all other weather-related fatalities.

Current Heat Index:

Here is the definition of a heat wave taken from the National Weather Service meteorological glossary.

Heat Wave
A period of abnormally and uncomfortably hot and unusually humid weather. Typically a heat wave lasts two or more days.

Pete’s forecast highs for the next 5 days…Maywood NJ area:

Friday 7/22 – 95F
Saturday 7/23 – 96F
Sunday 7/24 – 94F
Monday 7/25 – 94F
Tuesday 7/26 – 91F

Extended: Wednesday 7/27 – 92F
Thursday 7/28 – 92F

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