Sunny, Hot and Very Humid August 12th

Much like yesterday, the heat together with the high humidity will make it feel intolerable at times. Partly sunny, very warm and humid. Scattered showers and thunderstorms around the area again today. Any storm will be capable of producing torrential downpours, gusty winds and dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning.

-This is all due to a Bermuda high sitting off the eastern US coast near the Carolines. The return flow is Southwesterly which is helping to move in warm, very humid air from the SE states and Gulf of Mexico into our area. Sea-surface temperatures off the SE coastline and the gulf of mexico are in the lower to mid 80’s. This high isn’t forecasted to move much over the next several days.

Current SST off the Eastern US and Gulf of Mexico

High temperature 95, Dewpoints near 80 resulting in heat index over 100-105+.

Tonight will be very warm and humid with scattered showers in the area.

**Highs tomorrow will approach 100 with high humidity**

Click on the advisory tab on the top of the page for the latest warnings/watches posted by the National Weather Service.


Current Heat Index

Clifton Heat index

5-day Dewpoint graph – live dewpoint temperature on the right of graph

Dewpoint temperature on the left and date on the bottom of graph.

UV values are very high today (between 6-10 have been detected). Remember to wear sunscreen SPF 30 or higher on uncovered skin, sunglasses and a hat if going outdoors for periods of 15 minutes or greater.

Here is a breakdown of the UV index and associated values.



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