High pressure winning out

As with many tropical storms/hurricanes, the exact track is still a bit uncertain and subject to change over the next 24-48 hours.

Latest forecast models position Hermine between two high pressure systems (the Bermuda High over centered near Bermuda and another high located over northern Michigan) leaving the storm to slip somewhere in-between on its track to the north. The exact movement and position of these highs could play a major role in the over all track of the storm and any shifts either way will determine whether or not Hermine makes another direct landfall, sit offshore or moves out sea.

Advancing High Pressure from the west shifting the track of extra tropical storm Hermine and moving it a few hundred miles further off-shore. Although the coast and beaches will continued to experience high surf, flooding and windy conditions, we’ll have mostly sunny skies today, some clouds moving in later this afternoon and evening as Hermine backs in a bit. high temperature 83.

UV values are very high today (between 6-10 have been detected). Remember to wear sunscreen SPF 30 or higher on uncovered skin, sunglasses and a hat if going outdoors for periods of 15 minutes or greater.

Here is a breakdown of the UV index and associated values.

Here is a breakdown of the UV index and associated values.

Partly cloudy Breezy and cool this evening with a low of 63, winds NE 10-20 MPH.

Monday: clouds breaking for some sun, breezy with winds from the North at 10-15 MPH, high around 80.

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